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SUNTO 2-in-1 Remote Controlled 'Wiggle' Vibrating Panties

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Wiggle Motor Wearable Vibrator- Explore the 3 Wiggling and 7 vibrating modes of vibration from the 2 powerful motors embedded in the panty vibrator. 

Wiggle mode that mimics finger hits all the right spots and the Vibrating base also reaches your clitoris and other outer sweet spots.


Comfortable to Fit- Sam's curve fits perfectly over the pubic bone, hugging your vulva, for full-coverage vibration of your clit and labia. 

Meanwhile, that wiggled top seeks the g-spot and other internal pleasure places. Double the pleasure. That's what we like to see!

Discreet 36ft Remote - Ready for action any time, at home or away. The Sam was specifically designed to be enjoyed hands-free can be wear with a dress or a skirt.

IPX5 Splashproof, Safe silicone material - And wearable vibrator Sam is IPX5 splashproof for friendly play for couple who like a little clit fun at the end of their day. Medical grade silicone, soft and skin-friendly, easy to clean, safe, and reliable.


Package List:

1 x Vibrator 

1 x Remote Controller

1 x Charging cable

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