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FOTE 9-Speed Rabbit Collection

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Customer Review: '

Once I have run through all the vibrations, I settled for the second. I have never been fan of the intermittent vibrations as they seem to distract me from my ‘task’. The first vibration was not strong enough, but the second was perfect. The more the toy moved in and out, the more I wanted, so I turned the vibration up to the third setting, which is the strongest of the continuous vibrations. It totally tapped into my liking of simultaneous sweet spot and clitoral stimulation. My sexual pleasure was good and satisfying and I was surprised to see much of my ‘cream’ on the toy when I pulled it out.

9 vibration modes, you can always find a vibration frequency that can make you orgasm.'

Once I have run through all the vibrations, I settled for the sec



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