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REP Sensory Deprivation Hood with Open Mouth Gag

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Black out your pet’s world while you play with their body!

This sensory deprivation hood will create a darker, more intense scene for you and your slave! Keep their mouth wide open and available to you throughout your play session while still depriving them of sight, sound, and speech! Nose holes will ensure that your submissive can breath properly while you plug up their mouth to muffle their moans and groans. Unplug their mouth when you’re ready to invade it with your weapon of choice. The padded blindfold and ear padding on either side will completely deprive them of sight and sound so that they won’t know where your are or what you’re about to do to them. Completely helpless, ever sensation will be amplified as you touch, tickle, pinch, spank, torment, tease, and please. The lacing at the rear of the hood allows this hood to fit most heads and the three straps can be tightened to confine your play thing more thoroughly. The collar has a D-ring so that you can attach a leash or other SM accessories to customize the scenario to your unique and  tastes.

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