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OSLODA 3 Row Detachable Spike Collar - HEAVY

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- Womens Diameter: 11.7cm
- Mens Diameter: 13.6cm
- Height: 6cm


slave collar

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- Womens Diameter: 11.7cm
- Mens Diameter: 13.6cm
- Height: 6cm

A statement slave collar featuring quick locks.

The collar can be released with a key and locked with a simple and fast press of the centre button.

Smooth bands with an even smoother action, this is a marvellous example of what can be achieved in stainless steel. A very solid collar yet light enough for long term wear.


Weight: 650-850g
Band height: 6cm
Supplied with 2 keys
Warranty: 3 years

Collar size:

Women: 11.7cm
Men; 3.6cm

Please note prices vary to reflect costs of materials and working.

Neck measuring: simply measure neck size with a tape or piece of string and insert two finger widths as a comfort gap. For most subs the regular size is perfect. Alternatively use your usual shirt size and add a comfort gap.


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