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TUDHA Sensory Deprivation Hood Faux Leather

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Immerse your partner into a new sensory experience with the Total Sensory Deprivation Hood

5 styles color scheme, reminiscent of institutions, this hood allows you to immerse your partner in total sensory deprivation. The hood features internal pads over the ears, eyes and mouth to block out sound and light. Use the adjustable sizing straps (with lockable buckles) to create a comfortable, but firm fit.

The collar has one heavy-duty metal D-Rings that allow you to attach any additional bondage gear that you can think of. Contrasting tan lacing runs from the top of the head to the nape of the neck, and a soft leather inner panel prevents hair from becoming tangled in the laces. The two metal holes at the front of the hood) allows your partner to breathe.



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