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LUSANI Sucking & Vibrating Male Masturbation Machine

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This male masturbation toy combines the features of the 3 innovative vacuum sucking, clamping and 3 vibration modes. and each mode has a strong sense of hierarchy. It will kiss from your glans to your penis like your partner’s sexy mouth. It inhales deeply and exhale slowly to simulate the squeezing feeling from the throat in the mouth you never experienced.

Upgrade to maximum masturbation pleasure- With each sucking or vibrating of the shaft, the super-soft silicone sleeve wraps around the most sensitive areas of your cock while rows of tiny ticklers tease and please your head. Whether you like to stimulate just the tip or you prefer the tight, spine- tingling sensation of deep throating, the sucking masturbator provides you the tease and the thrill to get to the finish line.

The male masturburbators suction stroker is made of crystal elastic silicone. that is covered with super-stimulating internal details soft and bumped stimulating balls, long whiskers and angular ridges. Every inch of skin dances with the crystal elastic silicone of different shape. Andthe bumps inside of the vagina sleeve, it increases the friction between the inner wall and your penis, which can maximize the stimulation and pleasure while using it.

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