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BLIND Sensory Deprivation Hood with Posture Collar + Zip

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What will you do to your play thing when they’ve been deprived of their most vital senses? Pain, pleasure, or a little bit of both? They won’t know what’s coming when you confine them in this erotic sensory deprivation hood! The loss of sight and sound will make every touch more intense for your partner, and perhaps for you as well! The posture collar at the neck adds some high protocol to your scene, training your submissive to straighten out and present their body to you. Three D-rings on the collar allow you to attach devious accessories like a leash or a set of clamps to customize the experience entirely. Ear padding on either side of the hood will take away their ability to hear properly so they will never know where you are and what part of their body you will be playing with. Blindfolds and zippers on the mouth give you the option to let them see and speak when they’ve been well-behaved. The rear lacing of the hood is adjustable to fit most head sizes.

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