The Best Nipple Suction Toys Online

What is a Nipple Sucker?

Nipple sucker vibrators are becoming increasingly popular. While we might have heard about them over Sunday brunch or as we while away office time by engaging In idle-water-cooler-gossip, not everyone understands or know what they do. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Your nipples are some of the most sensitive parts of your body, and you will enjoy sexy time if they’re given more attention during foreplay or actual sex. Nipple sucker vibrators are an excellent way of temporarily experiencing more reactive and larger nipples. The sucker design is meant to draw more blood to the nipple are for increased responsiveness, and the vibration stimulates more arousal.

How Do They Work?

Nipple suckers mimic the movement of a mouth on the nipples and then latch onto them. By doing this, they’re able to increase blood flow while also stimulating the nipples with the vibration. Using the nipple sucker vibrator for a few minutes increases the flow of blood to your nipples.

This action causes the nipples to become perter, and engorged. While the sucker part engorges your nipple and increases blood flow to it, the vibration increases stimulation thereby increasing sensitivity and arousal at the same time.

How to use a Nipple Suction Toy

Using a nipple sucker vibrator is quite simple. The first thing you need to do is squeeze the bulb, place it over your nipple, and then let it suction and vibrate. Once your nipples have become super-sensitive, it’s time to take off the nipple sucker vibrator and allow your partner to stimulate them how you like.

Remember that there’s no one way of further stimulating your nipples. Your partner can do it by kissing, flicking, biting gently, licking, or flicking. Anything that turns you on is ok. If you’re having a difficult time ensuring the suckers stick to your skin, a small amount of lubricant applied on your nipples will do the job.
Not only will the lube ensure they stick, but it also the process of applying it and having it on your nipples guarantees some fun times. Always male sure you’re using organic, natural, high-quality lube.

Things to Consider when Buying a Nipple Sucker Vibrator

When buying a nipple sucker vibrator, you might want to try out some other forms of nipple play. If you’re comfortable, try experimenting with nipple clamps that will do the same job of increasing your blood flow to your nipples. They will also make your nipples more sensitive due to the pinch-like sensation on your nipples. The type of clamp you choose will vary in sensation and be intense or gentle.

Remember to choose a nipple sucker vibrator that comes in a range of settings so you can adjust the vibration to suit the sensation you want to feel. If you cannot adjust the settings, or take it high or low, the vibration might be a little too much or too little. Once you are done with your little toy, clean it, wipe it, and store it in a suitable area.

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